Monday, March 16, 2009

Orientation Week is Coming!

We are! We are! We are the engineers!
We can! We can! Fix anything with gears!

Ah, the echo of Orientation Week.. it's something that you never forget. Being a head leader for Software Engineering's 2009 Orientation Week makes it something that I never want to forget. Let me take you back to last year:

Orientation Week is a longstanding tradition of the University of Waterloo. Although the events have changed drastically over the years, the same spirit of excitement and pride in our school and faculties can be seen today.

Take Engineering Orientation, for example:

Over a period of two days, the incoming students last year were invited to participate in such ridiculous events as sliding down an enormous homemade "Slip 'n Slide" to splash into a big puddle at the bottom, grasping onto their very muddy leaders to guide them safely over a 20-foot long mud pit, working together to form a human conveyor belt to transport their leaders across a lawn and into a kiddie pool, and forming teams to transform a junkyard mess into carts and catapults. And that's not even the half of it!

All joking aside, the greatest quote that I have ever heard regarding Waterloo's Orientation Week is, "The purpose of Orientation Week is not to have fun". Although it may sound a little harsh at first, the meaning behind it is that Orientation Week's true purpose is to make all incoming students feel welcome. It's a chance to make new friends, get acquainted with your school, and get to know a little more about your faculty and program... all the fun is just a bonus.

The planning and excitement for this year's Orientation Week is well underway, and I can safely say that Engineering's Orientation Week will be an event not to be missed. With any luck, I'll see you there! :)

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  1. I think any student of any discipline never forgets the first day of school or college. Orientation week is always a fun when you feel very confused and new at the same time.