Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mechatronics - Nut Sorter Project

One of the exciting things that I have done in Mechatronics so far is this Nut Sorter Project.

The idea is to design a Mechatronics system that can sort nut of different sizes and types. It should also be able to detect coins in the process and reject them. There were size constrains as to how big the sorter can be and we also had a budget that we had to work within.

At the start of the term we were given a kit that contained some sensors, stepper and DC motors and some basic electronics components. At the end of the term a competition was held to evaluate the sorter based on speed, accuracy and design.

Here is the picture of the nut sorter that our group had designed. This sorter works based on the shadow a nut casts. Depending on the size of the shadow, the nut is dispensed into the respective bin.

Attached are two of the videos that shows how the sorter works

Enjoy the videos. You can look at other nut sorter projects on Youtube.


  1. Awesome videos! I especially liked the second one where you could see some of the more intricate details of the design.
    You guys did a great job!

  2. awesome !

    may I know how much did it cost you for the project?

  3. how do you did this project? I need to know to do a similar project

  4. I have to do a similar project...wud be good if more infor was available..

  5. I going to do a similar proyect, can you tell me wich kind of sensor did you use ?

  6. Luis Alfonso Cruz CruzMarch 27, 2010 at 12:08 AM


    Iwant to do a similar project, i'd like some more information.
    my e-mail is:
    thank you.

  7. hola
    tengo un interrogante muy cerio a la hora de ver el sensor me podrian decir q sensor utilizaron o como lo fabricaron por favor responder por esta pagina o por mi correo es:
    les agradesco felicidades muy interesante su proyecto

  8. HELLO...

    I have to do a similar project...would it be good for you to send me more information...

    my email is:

    THANK YOU...

  9. awesome project

  10. Wow! Cool! I wish to work on a challenging design project as well! :)

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