Friday, March 27, 2009

Engineering Antics

My class has been looking pretty ridiculous lately. Somebody decided that this month would be Moustache March so there's been a lot of not shaving going on.

The girls in the class were the judges today, and we awarded the following titles
  • best musketeer
  • most original design
  • least kissable (they all won)
  • creepiest 'stache
  • best use of mascara
  • dirtiest
Also, tomorrow is IRS (Iron Ring Stag) so basically all the graduating engineers get their rings, and then go to a giant party. However, that means today is the day the engineers get dressed up, parade around campus, disrupt class rooms, etc.

I'm really excited because if the class of 2009 has gotten their rings, it means that I am next in line. Class of 2010, here we come!


  1. I love this. Great job promoting the advancement of women in the field of engineering. I am an engineering student myself, but male. I'm graduating in May and I am excited to get to work along side engineers of all genders.

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