Friday, April 10, 2009

Studying Help

It's exam time here at Waterloo. High stakes! Big Pressure! Huge Stress!

Not really, though. In engineering everybody takes the exact same courses as everybody else in their class, so it's easy for a pretty good exam schedule to be arranged. Unless you're taking an elective, you never have more than one exam per day. That's kind of nice.

Also, most profs give pretty fair exams. If you've done all the homework, you can usually get a good mid-70.

I've found that most of the TAs are incredibly helpful. If you email them a question during the day, you can get answer back within a few hours. A lot of TAs are really accommodating in their office hours, especially around exam time. One of our TAs just gave a 3 hour tutorial today. I don't think giving up 3 hours on a day when the university if closed is within her job description- she just really wanted to see us do well. Earlier in the week another TA did the same for another course.

Sometimes TAs are unhelpful and sometimes exams are unfair and cover strange topics that you can't remember talking about in class. Those times are frustrating. Oh well, I guess.

Back to the books!

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