Monday, September 14, 2009

High School Co-op Opportunity: Kitchener-Waterloo Area

About a week ago, I received an email from a local business owner who saw our blog and has an opportunity for high school students interested in pursuing a career in computers or IT.

OnTech Computers is owned by Jess & Rob Green, a husband-wife team who jointly run their shop. Jess and Rob are both Microsoft Master Instructors with years of experience.

In the past, they have hired co-op students through local high schools as well as Conestoga College's Women in IT program. This year they were discouraged when all of their high school applicants were male.

I remember being the only female student in my high school computer engineering class and at times it was pretty lonely. This would be a great opportunity for a female high school student, interested in a career in computers, to have the chance to gain valuable experience and work with a female mentor with tones of experience.

If this sounds like an opportunity that would interest you, here some further details:

Who can apply? High school or college co-op students

How to apply? High school students: Through your high school co-op teacher
College students: By email, phone or in person or through your appropriate course leader. A resume is essential.

What are they looking for?
-Someone who is enthusiastic about technology and wants to learn.
-In depth knowledge is not crucial as this is meant to be a learning experience and we will train applicants
-Familiarity with basic computer use is a good place to be starting from.

What would you be doing?
-Everything you would expect a computer repair center to do including Windows installations, hardware/software upgrades and repairs, anti-virus work, cleaning, and testing.
-They sell all kinds of computers and parts.
-They build new PCs and custom designed computers (if you ever have a chance go and check out their aqua pc, keg-puter and encyclo-pc-dia!)
-How much you get to do while you're there depends upon how much and how fast they want to learn.

When to apply?
They are accepting applications right now, so if you are interested, you should apply as soon as possible. There are 3 positions available but one has already been filled.

Contact Info:
Address: 84 Queen St. South, Kitchener, ON
Website: OnTech Computers
Telephone: 519-585-3100


  1. Don't forget to put in the "Who can apply" section that you must be female. I absolutely agree that women should be treated as equals in the world, but it really bugs me when people like this take it to the opposite extreme, and only give certain opportunities to females. I'm sure there was a deserving male candidate from the applications they received, but because they were male, they do not get the job... BULLSHIT

  2. Actually, this position is open to both female and male students. In fact, the current co-op student in this position is a male student.
    It was featured on the blog simply because it would be a great opportunity for a female high school student to work with a successful woman in technology.
    So if you are a male high school student and interested in the position, be sure to apply!

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  4. LaTerrian McNeal Jan 8, 2010
    I have not yet found a job. I'm currently looking for one. I've put in applications sum of everywhere.

  5. LaTerrian McNeal January 13, 20010
    I have been called in for an interview with piggly wiggly. Hope things work out for the better and I get the job. Co-Op also teaching me that I need to keep going no matter how much I get turned down for a job.

  6. LaTerrian McNeal January 25, 2010
    I have went to the interview with Piggly Wiggly. I went to training Sunday. They learned us how to work the cash register. how to greet customers and all. I'm so excited to begin working.

  7. Laterriam NcNeal January 02,2010
    I am having a great time working it's hepling me get to kno other people better. It's also hard to remeber everything but I'm getting better at it. I can't wait til I get a check.

  8. I always hated going to my computer engineering class because I was the only girl in a class with 35 boys, most of who thought that because I was a girl I had no idea how to use a computer. I ended up with the academic achievement in computer engineering and a near perfect score off 99%.

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